ASK Tools

Who Are We? The Auto Key Specialist Ask-Tools is a distributor of the world's leading auto key manufacturer. We provide everything a professional locksmith needs in terms of tools and accessories for the production or repair of auto keys. Whether it's an original key or a no- name blank, we offer the right key for all car brands. Simply reach out to us, and we will provide you with the appropriate programming code, the matching casing, and the correct remote technology, allowing you to serve all your customers effortlessly. Even exotic car brands can be retrofitted at any time, and our support team takes care of unique variations. Of course, we also handle individual inquiries and provide direct assistance for your car keys. Why Choose Us? As a leading company in auto key repair and programming, we are the first and best point of contact for all needs in this field. We offer a fast and reliable service. Our decades of experience, combined with competitive prices, create an unbeatable value proposition. What Sets Us Apart? Our decades of experience enable us to swiftly and professionally solve old as well as new problems. We possess a deep understanding of programming and generating keys for all common and exotic models. Through regular training, we continuously update ourselves and our partners on the latest technological advancements. As a distributor with the widest product range, we can promptly handle any request to ensure complete customer satisfaction.