The German corporation ABUS is one of the world's largest manufacturers of mechanical security solutions. The company was founded in 1924 and currently holds a leading position in all segments and areas of the global market. Its comprehensive production program includes the manufacturing of padlocks, hinges, cylinder locks, additional door and window locks, as well as bicycle and motorcycle locks. All ABUS products are manufactured in accordance with relevant European standards. The production processes are among the most advanced in today's industry. Random tests are conducted during production to ensure the high quality of all products. ABUS collaborates with the German criminal police in the development of its products. The security systems provided by ABUS are recognized by major insurance companies affiliated with VdS. Quality is the standard at ABUS. To achieve the best quality, expertise and capabilities in this field are necessary. This forms the foundation of "Security made in Germany" products. ABUS employs the latest manufacturing technologies and uses the best materials for production. Each product is given the time and attention required to achieve the highest quality and provide value to the customer. That is the best path we will always take.

WWW: https://www.abus.cz/