MTA Plus

We offer sales of automotive diagnostics and diagnostic equipment for both personal and commercial vehicles. At our company, you will find the most comprehensive range of diagnostic options, from affordable to professional-grade. We provide single-brand and universal multi-brand diagnostics. This includes handheld devices, computer-connectable equipment, and other available options in this field. We also specialize in various service equipment and cables suitable for every auto service. We offer solutions for control units, software, immobilizers, airbags, radios, navigation systems, and other related systems. Additionally, we sell chiptuning devices and cables for both novice and professional users. We provide extensive options in this field, including tailor-made solutions. We also specialize in online data modifications in our unique system, available 24/7, 365 days a year, on mta4cars. In our supplementary range of diagnostic and service equipment, you will find a wide selection of connectors, reducers, adapters, and newly added recommended laptops, not only for computer diagnostics and service equipment. We also offer sales of various specialized devices for emulation or simulation of specific systems (such as immobilizers, airbags, particulate filters, AdBlue, etc.). In a separate category, we sell car keys, remote controls, cards, and transponders. You will also find programmers for working with control units and integrated circuits (memory, processors, etc.). In our final categories, we offer sales of electronic components (IO, displays, converters, motors, switching elements, etc.) and other essential accessories (tools and aids, soldering equipment, solder, chemicals, etc.). Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We only offer quality products for which we guarantee quality and durability. We caution customers about suspicious sales of cheap and low-quality products. Only with us will you find verified products from reliable suppliers. The advantage o