TOKOZ a.s. has been operating in the field of security mechanisms for more than 100 years. With the years of experience we have become true experts in padlock manufacturing and remain the largest Czech manufacturer thereof. With the motto “SECURE YOUR WORLD” we help you keep your world safe. In addition to traditional lock models, TOKOZ has developed products providing specific security solutions. In the TOKOZ product range you will find the high-quality TOKOZ PRO and TOKOZ TECH product lines, led by patented cylinders, the unique TOKOZ ePRO mechatronic cylinder, fittings for the construction and furniture industry, padlocks and other security features such as hasps and bars. Tokoz supplies large general and master keyed systems (SGMK). The complex nature of the manufactured range of products allows you to secure the entire premises with the TOKOZ locks: from entrance doors, through gates or locking containers to the vans distributing your goods. One key will suffice for everything. Access and authorisations can be controlled mechanically and electronically.